TopEx by Gymetryx.

Introducing the Training Observation Pod for Exercise. 

Our patent-protected technology uses advanced sensors to precisely measure and monitor weight training exercises at fitness centers and gyms.

 What is TopEx? 


Measure performance now

TopEx is the Future of IoT Weight Training

Easily Track your Fitness in Real time

As you workout on weight machines, TopEx monitors your exact movement of the weights. The Gymetryx app reports and analyzes your performance in real-time to help you train at the proper speed, the ideal weight, and optimal amount of reps. 

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Improve Performance for More Successful Workouts

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Gyms and fitness centers have been improving their equipment as technology advances. But while treadmills, stair masters, spin bikes, and ellipticals have undergone major improvements, weight machines have stayed behind. Gymetryx is here to change that with our cost effective, portable, easy to use solution, TopEx.


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